Picking a WordPress Premium Theme, What to look for?

These days on, I got frequently asked such question on how to choose the perfect premium wordpress theme for my next project? What should I look for while I’m shopping for a wordpress theme? Everytime I got asked such questions I’m answering with the following three words: Responsive, SEO Optimized, Fast Loading Speed.

I understand that there are many other factors that may catch your eyes on shopping for the theme. Imagine that you’re shopping for some shoes and you got a decent number of shops around you. You decided to go out and start the search for a new shoes that will fit your tonight’s occasion. You stumbled upon couple of shoes that you thought you liked, but the important question here does this shoes really fit this occasion? Or What this occasion is all about, Is it formal, casual, ..etc?


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3 Best WordPress Plugins To Secure Your Blog!

WordPress recently turned to be the home for countless numbers of bloggers worldwide, Thus It’s being targeted by a huge numbers of hackers accordingly. WordPress is continually being focused by both low-profile and prominent security hackers who might need to misuse the stage for either individual advantage, or for getting an official prize, however the last is infrequently the case. Thus WordPress Security nowadays is considered to be a huge concern!

Security can be seen in a wide range of ways, however the sort of security you will more often to deal with while managing WordPress is called web security. Web security has the capacity to put your entire web record framework at danger by having vulnerabilities that haven’t been appropriately comprehended and averted. A percentage of the best security assurance for WordPress originates from utilizing proficient security plugins.


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How Frequently Should You Email Your Clients!

We all seriously realize that staying in touch with your dedicated clients through email marketing is considered to be a key part in advancing your online business. Whether your business is offering Products or a Service based endeavor, getting consistent input from your clients and promoting your items frequently is a necessity however how regularly to send emails to them is another dilemmatic question.

6 years back when we began up as a web design and hosting agency, We made a point to address our customer’s tickets, inquiries and requests as soon as we receive them however tragically that was it! We made no further efforts on gathering their email addresses and starting an email newsletter for example. I truly regret each and every day went without beginning a dynamic newsletter to keep our customer’s overhauled with what we’re doing and what’s new about our services and offers.


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How To Install cPanel on a VPS Running Centos 6.5

cPanel is a convenient application that allows users to administer servers through a GUI interface instead of the traditional command line. Although the installation for cPanel is relatively simple, the script does take several hours to run. Here I will walk you through two simple steps to install and setup cPanel/WHM on your VPS server to start establishing your website online presence. 

Before installing cPanel on our droplet, we need to take two additional steps. First we need to make sure that Perl is installed on the server. So, We will be at the very begining stage of the process, make sure that Perl is installed and configured on your server. I will recommend running the following commands first.


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cPanel/WHM Server: Force SSL Redirection with a Valid Certificate

Are you owning or managing a cPanel/WHM server for your personal usage, or hosting your client’s websites? It’s always recommended to use an SSL Redirection with login attempts to cPanel or WHM services on your server. This for sure intending to maximize your server security and hardening especially if you’re running a shared hosting environment.

Let’s get started, So for now how configure your cPanel/WHM server so clients will be redirected to a valid SSL Certified Hostname when attempting to log in? Let’s find out below:


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5 Important SEO Tips to Gain More Traffic Everyday

All Websites & Business on the internet should make Search Engine Optimization in order to get the websites within the first page results on Search Engines. I Consider this process to be Search Engine War !

“SEO” means finding ways to increase your site’s appearance within search engine results & Thus Gaining More Traffic, More Visitors, More Sales. While intense SEO can involve complex site restructuring with a firm (or consultant) that specializes in this area, there are a few simple steps you can take yourself to increase your search engine ranking.

All you need to do is a little effort, and some brain storming and re-thinking of how you approach content on your site. Here I will show you 5 different important SEO Tips that you will have to take care of as a beginer in order to maximize your chances of being found online! (more…)

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Promoting a Web Hosting Business – Different Approach !

What’s Up! Web Hosting Advertisements are spreading over & over almost all the websites on the internet with a big thanks for Google Adwords. Even if you are surfing an online magazine, or newspaper, Political Website, or even a kids one, you can find a big banner on the top right saying Dedicated Unmanaged Servers on a Cheap price, or Checkout our newest Unlimited Shared Hosting Offer! So, Let’s head over our approach on promoting a web hosting business!

Most of people can’t understand what exactly the advertisement banner want to say or even if they have some sort of knowledge they can’t understand Unamanaged or Unlimited Keywords, While Some of them decided to take another step by clicking on the banner to check it out, and to know more about this kind of banners they can see almost everywhere. (more…)

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