Start: August 2010

After 7 years of freelancing experience, Karim & Mariam decided to startup their own web solutions agency "WebDev". three months later, Mariam Suggested adding the word "Fish" to be "Webdev Fish" instead!

First Birthday

August 2011 was our first birthday. Besides, We celebrated serving +100 active web hosting clients from around +30 countries around the world! That was one of the biggest motivational factors! 

2012: Growing Up!

We got inspired and motivated to grow and expand. We started recruiting 1 more employee, improve our clients support portal, and providing new web hosting services as reseller, shoutcast, vps.

Sept 2013, Incorporated!

Being an agency serving +500 active clients was a big motivational factor for Karim & Mariam to incoporate their business.

Change & Expand

Change is easy, developing is a must. In the begining of 2014, we started improving our servers hardware quality, acquiring more boxes in different locations to ensure an exceptional web hosting experience for you!

2014, further more!

+1000 happy active clients from +60 countries, +15 different web services, +5 different web hosting locations, +6 employees, our owned hardware, 24/7 online customer support, and further more!